12 – 14 June 2019, Nova Gorica, Hotel Perla

Conference Infosek New Technologies (INT 2019) will take place from 12 to 14 June in Nova Gorica, in the Perla conference center (HIT). The event offers an excellent opportunity to bring together the best information security experts in one place to present the latest information security technologies and to provide answers to various issues related to the sensitivity of information security.

An important thread of the entire conference will be examples of good practice and case studies.

Therefore, all the latest solutions, services, hardware and software will be presented, but only if it has already been used in practice. 

This year’s Infosek New Technologies 2019 theme will cover the latest trends in:

cyber security, IoT, blockchain, business analytics, digitization and digital transformation, artificial intelligence, certificates in the field of information security, PCI DSS, PSD2, GDPR, EIDAS, FIN-TECH, SCADA, IEC 624433, Information Security Law / Critical Infrastructure Act, etc.

We invite you to listen to data security solutions with the latest technology and examples from practice.

Hurry up with the registration and take advantage of the EARLY BIRD price: 630 € + VAT (for 3 days), until 31. 3. 2019!

After this date, the price will increase by 3% per week.

The regular price (for 3 days) is 900 € + VAT.


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Program 2019

Program in preparation.

Program in preparation.

Program in preparation.



  • James Bore, Merlin Entertainment: Reducing Cyber Uncertainty: The need for a structured and shared reporting framework to increase confidence in risk management.
  • Simon Dobrišek, Laboratorij za umetno zaznavanje, sisteme in kibernetiko, Fakulteta za elektrotehniko: Kako inteligentni so umetni inteligentni sistemi pri zagotavljanju varnosti in nadzora?
  • Igor Guštin, Gorenje, d.d.: Varnostne rešitve IoT platforme »Gorenje ConnectLife«
  • Andrei Morozov, Projekt Flare 
  • SIQ Ljubljana: Vodenje IT z vključevanjem varnostnih kontrol in kontrol upravljanja IT
  • SIQ Ljubljana: Revizija po ZVOP-2
  • SIQ Ljubljana: Neprekinjeno poslovanje – ključne kontrole, ki morajo biti upoštevane
  • SIQ Ljubljana: Revizija IoT naprav in IEC 62443
  • SIQ Ljubljana: Revizija zahtev PSD2 o informacijski varnosti
  • SIQ Ljubljana: Revizija po zahtevah zakonodaje s področja kibernetske varnosti / kritične infrastrukture
 12 – 14 June 2019
Nova Gorica, Hotel Perla
630 € + 22 % VAT


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The customer is obliged to settle the entire amount within 7 working days of the completed application. Without a fully settled fee, entry into the auditorium where training takes place is not possible. The deadline for cancelling from training, workshop, event or seminar is 10 working days before the start of individual education. Departure from the individual training must always be in writing at info@palsit.com or by post to Palsit d.o.o., Mednarodni prehod 2A, Vrtojba, 5290 Šempeter pri Gorici. In case of cancellation after this date, the organizer charges an amount which is proportional to the services made from the moment of check out, for administrative and other expenses related to cancellation. In the case of non-participation, the organizer will charge the entire fee for education.

Več informacij: Nika Winkler, nika.winkler@palsit.com, 05 338 48 55

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