Hands on training


Weekend Boot Camp
12.-14. april 2019, M-hotel, Ljubljana


You are unable to protect yourself if you don’t know WHAT is attacking you and HOW is it attacking. If there is no attack there is nothing to defend from, and the attackers are always one step ahead. Henceforth we must work on ourselves and know as much as possible so we can be ready.

This training introduces the participants with:

  • contemporary, sophisticated threat
  • all phases and steps of a successful attack
  • creation and distribution of malware
  • activities done after a successful attack
  • modern mechanics of defence

Hands on training:
The training is based on demonstrations
that take up most of the training. All trainees are actively participating and at all time are working parallely with the instructor. That way they develop a feeling for how the attacks are executed, how the malware is created and how events are analysed. We will be using modern and widely used tools.


  • Information security or vulnerability
  • Hacking
    • Target identification
      • Passive Reconnaissance (OpenSource Inteligence, WhoIS, Metagoofil, GoogleHacking)
      • Active Reconnaissance (Port Scanning, Footprint, Vulnerability Scanning)
    • Network Scanning
    • Social engineering
      • Phishing attacks
    • Eavesdropping
      • MiTM
      • Session Hijacking
    • System Hacking
      • Metasploit
      • Creation and distribution of Trojans
      • Stealth Trojans
    • Denial Of Service (DoS) attacks
    • Activities after exploitation
      • Keylogger
      • Backdoor
    • Wireless hacking
  • Modern defence techniques
    • Advances defence techniques
    • Machine Learning systems
    • Authentication methods (biometric, multi-factor)
    • Cryptology and PKI

Target audience:
The training is intended for everyone who wants to learn how some of the most commonly used attacks are executed, how malicious softwares are created, how analysis of a successful attack are done and how to try and defend from all of that.

Requirements to attend the training:

  • Knowledge of network infrastructures and operating systems and services (the basics)
  • A PC that supports virtualization and has at least 4GB or RAM memory (We will be running a minimum of 2 virtual machines)


  • Will be delivered to attendees before the training. 


  • English


  • Aleksandar Mirković is an Information Security professional with more then seven years on a leading (CISO) positions in financial and retail institutions. He is founder of eSigurnost Association that gather a lot of security professionals from the region. Also he is board member of ITVestak Association, largest digital forensics and court expert witnesses in the region. Aleksandar is teaching security in past few years, from handson trainings, such as CEH to Management trainings such as CISSP, Security +, and working as a Information Security consultant and penetration tester.

Length of the training: 

  • 3 days, 12.-14. april 2019

The training lasts 20 classes, or 15 hours:

  • Friday, 12.4.2019, 17.00-20.15
  • Saturday, 13.4.2019, 9.00-17.00
  • Sunday, 14.4.2019, 9.00-17.00


  • M-hotel, Derčeva ulica 4, Ljubljana


  • 1197 € + VAT

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