Zajtrk s Petom Finniganom

29. 11. 2018, 7.00-8.00,
Nova Gorica, Hotel Perla


V četrtek, 29.11.2018, od 7.00 do 8.00, imate posebno priložnost, da zajtrkujete z gurujem številka 1 na svetu za Oracle Security – Petom Finniganom.

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How to Perform a Security Audit of an Oracle Database
This course is short intro how to confidently perform a detailed security audit of an Oracle database. 
The course starts by looking at the reasons why Oracle databases are invariably insecure. 
The course shows how a security audit is planned, how to prepare yourself for the audit, how to involve your staff and which environments are affected and should be audited. The course walks through an audit of a sample Oracle database and its applications and presents many tools, years of experience and also notes from the trenches.
The course is aimed at the fundamentals of how to review a database and why and does not focus on simply running tools. It is important to understand why something is an issue, to understand how to check that its an issue and importantly understand the implications in respect to your own databases and applications before using pre-built or commercial tools.

Oracle Security for GDPR

This lecture offers the delegates an introduction what is involved in securing the Oracle database platform and also securing personal data in an Oracle database in relation to the new GDPR law in the EU. It explores which elements of Oracle Security are appropriate for the GDPR. The lecture starts with the basics of GDPR; what is it, what does it mean for you. The focus of the lecture is to take the relevant sections of the GDPR law and review and explore which elements of the Oracle database may need to be addressed to help with compliance. 
The aim of the lecture is for students to get an appreciation of where the risks lie in processing and use of data in their organisations Oracle databases in particular where. Including: 
• How data is stolen and can be stored weakly in an Oracle database 
• How GDPR affects security choices in the Oracle database 
• How to plan for data security compliance, develop a data security policy

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